Piedmont, Italy

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Antica di Torino Vermouth DOP Rosso 700mL

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Vittorio Zoppi and Filippo Antonelli founded the Antica Torino company to produce and rediscover traditional Piedmontese aromatised wines, liqueurs and spirits, creating new recipes inspired by traditional ones.

“Vermouth Rosso is made with a white wine base that includes Moscato for its floral notes. This is a traditional vermouth recommended for mixing in old-fashioned and modern drinks. The ingredients include home-grown herbs such as absinthe, rhubarb and gentian, grapefruit peel, vanilla pods, rosemary and red thyme, which country-dwellers have always used to aromatise their wines. Not containing juniper, angelica and other classic spices of gin, it combines very well with a classic London Dry Gin. It works in great harmony with bourbon or rye whiskey giving sweet, warm and herbaceous notes.”

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