Sicily, Italy
"A skillful work still carried out today in the vineyard by expert hands who work with ancient gestures, with the same care of the past and the right combination of tradition and innovation."

Current Releases

Baglio Oro dei Respiri Nero d'Avola

2022 dei Respiri Nero d'Avola DOC

Baglio Oro dei Respiri Grillo

2022 dei Respiri Grillo DOC

Baglio Oro Guarì Inzolia

2020 'Guarì' Inzolia

Baglio Oro Sciulè Frappato

2019 'Sciulé' Frappato

Baglio Oro Zafarà Catarratto

2021 'Zafarà' Catarratto

Baglio Oro Guardiani di Ceppineri Nero d'Avola Riserva

2017 Nero d'Avola Riserva DOC

Baglio Oro Yema Grillo Vendemmia Tardiva

2017 'Yema' Late Harvest Grillo

More about the Producer

Province of origin: Marsala, Sicily

  • Year established: revived in 2008
  • Owning family: Laudicina-Cottone families
  • Winemaker:  Francesco Laudicina
  • Production:
  • 100 ha Hectares Under Vine

It’s hard to imagine that any wine region in the world has progressed as far as Sicily over the past 20 to 25 years.

Emerging from a history of somewhat bland, mass produced wines and a focus on quantity over quality, Sicily is now measured by quality and diversity.

Baglio Oro offers a range of quality, affordable Sicilian wines with distinctive regional and varietal character.

Based in Marsala at the western tip of Sicily, Baglio Oro was founded by Giuseppe ‘Don Pino’ Laudicina and passed onto his son, Francesco and son-in-law, Michele, along with his traditional winemaking and passion for his land.

I first met the family in 2019 when they approached us about meeting at Vinitaly [back when we were able to travel to Italy]. At that time, we weren’t looking for another Sicilian producer to add to our portfolio.