Friuli, Italy
Giovanni Bortoluzzi’s first career as a consultant winemaker and bottler in Friuli gave him the perfect inside knowledge of the region, allowing him to select a near-perfect site for his own vineyard. Giovanni purchased 40 hectares on the gravelly, mineral-enriched deposit of the diverted Isonzo River, sheltered by the mountains from the raw northern winds. The abundant minerals in the soil make for the grapes’ rich components and extract and strong fruity/floral nuances to the varietal character.

Current Releases


2021 Bortoluzzi Pinot Grigio

More about the Producer

Province of Gorizia
Established: 1982
Owners: Bortoluzzi family
Winemakers: Giovanni & Alessio Bortoluzzi
Production: 200,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 40
Viticulture: Conventional

Giovanni heads a family team of sons Alessio (winemaker), Alberto (vineyard manager) and daughter Angela (administration), who combine their in-depth knowledge of the area with discipline and attention to detail to craft exceptional wines. And it would be remiss of us not to mention the divine cooking of Mireide!

Pinot Grigio exudes lush floral fruit and is both mellow and fresh at the same time with notes of spring flowers, and considerable weight and style at a great price point. Sauvignon, a key varietal in the region, shows typical bell pepper, peach and sage leaves, the palate elegant and complex.