Sardinia, Italy

Current Releases

Cantina del Vermentino Monti 'Nord Est' Vermentino

2022 'Nord Est' Vermentino DOC


2022 'Funtanaliris' Vermentino DOCG

Cantina del Vermentino Monti 'Kiri' Cannonau NV

2021 'Kiri' Cannonau DOC

Cantina del Vermentino Monti 'Tamara' Cannonau NV

2017 Tamara Cannonau DOC

Monti GALANA super Sardinian

2015 ‘Super Sardinian’ Galana IGT

Cantina del Vermentino MOnti Mirto di Gallura NV

NV Mirto di Gallura (500ml)

More about the Producer

Province of origin: Gallura, Sardegna
Year established: 1956
Cooperative, 350 members
Winemaker:  Alberto Raccanelli
Production: 2.800.000 Bottles
600 ha Hectares Under Vine

The company Cantina Sociale del Vermentino was created by 22 forward-thinking winemakers in July 1956 and named as a tribute to the noblest of the Gallura vines: Vermentino.

Sardinia [Sardegna] is a vast island approximately 230 km’s off the Italian coast.

Due to its location and a history of invasion and settlement, Sardinia has had numerous cultures impact on its development.

As a result there are few of the more common Italian varieties planted on Sardinia.

Vermentino is the number one white grape variety [68% of Italy’s Vermentino is produced her] and indigenous varieties Nuragus and Nasco are common.

The ‘Nord Est’ Vermentino DOC is a great example of the value for money available in clean, crisp and fresh Vermentino; this matches well with a variety of seafood.

The premium offering ‘Funtanaliras’ Vermentino DOCG is all class with excellent depth of flavour, a good thread of salinity and lovely texture.

Cannonau [a genetic match with Grenache] is one of the more popular red varieties, along with Carignano and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cannonau wines have attracted considerable attention in the last few years for their high level on naturally occurring anti-oxidants, which in turn is associated with the high percentage of centenarians living on Sardinia.

The Cantina del Vermentino coop offers some the best value in Italian wine: their Vermentino Funtanaliras bottling is an especially good example of a delicious, easy going wine that is inexpensive” – Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media.