Sicily, Italy

Current Releases

Citrange Limone 500mL

Citrange Mandarino 500mL

More about the Producer

Citrange is a new Amaro from Michele Faro of Pietradolce Winery. Founded in 2019, it is located in Etna, Sicily with 50 acres of orchards. Citrange represents the Faro family’s love for the territory and for the citrus fruits that grow there.

Using the finest Sicilian mandarins and lemons from Etna that the Faro family has been growing for generations, these two distinct liqueurs present the fruit in its aromatic glory with a shade of bitterness from the unique wild herbs of Mount Etna.

Part of Citrange’s modern manufacturing techniques includes a focus on environmental sustainability: Citrange is produced without wasting a single drop of water.

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