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Questa é Vera Grappa Viola

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Questa e Vera Grappa is Italian for ‘this is real grappa’. Established in the early 1960’s by Lidia Schiavon, the official name is LI.DI.A, a nod to Lidia and the various products they made at the time: Liqueurs, Distillates, Amaro. Today, son in law Stefano is the master distiller and they only produce grappa.

Stefano selects the marc of small, top-quality producers around Treviso and Trento and ensures its rapid distillation to preserve purity of flavour. The stills are gently steam heated, eliminating any of the harshness often associated with grappas of lesser quality. All of the Questa e Vera Grappa products are characterised by purity and true-to-variety aromatics and flavours. The striking packaging is hand wrapped and tied, and production is a mere 25,000 bottles a year.

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