Puglia, Italy
"The Tenuta Rasciatano is a wine and olive oil company that has existed for over 4 centuries. The Tenuta extends over 300 hectares in the Murgia countryside, halfway between the mild coastal climate and the temperate heat of the hills, where top quality oil and wine are produced."

Current Releases


Rasciatano 2020 Nero d'Troia IGT

More about the Producer

  • Province of origin: Barletta, Northern Puglia
  • Year established: 1600, New Winery 2006
  • Name of owner: Gian Michele Porro
  • Winemaker: Saverio Menga
  • Production: 90.000 Bottles
  • 20 ha Hectares Under Vine
  • Organic Viticulture

The Porro family has always owned the 300 hectars of this beautiful area situated in the Murgia countryside, halfway between the mild coastal climate and the heat tempered hills, which results in olive oil and wine of the highest quality.

The Coratina cultivar dominates the old centuries olive groves where at the exact ripening begins the harvesting and the pressing in the same day to create the award-winning Tenuta Rasciatano extra virgin olive oil.

The family experience in the grapes cultivation, pushes the Tenuta Rasciatano in creating a project to improve quality of wine production. In 2005 the historic cellar was renewed with only one target: vinify only the best selections of the grapes produced from the estate that in Tenuta Rasciatano have found it’s natural way to grow.

Finally comes a new line, developed after years of preparation and we presented at Vinitaly 2012 with great success.