Veneto, Italy
"In the historic hills of Prosecco around Valdobbiadene and the lands close to the river Piave, we cultivate grape varieties that are typical of this grand territory rich in art, traditions, and the love of wine."

Current Releases

San Martino DOC Extra Dry New Bottle Shot

San Martino NV Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

San Martino DOCG (New Bottle)

San Martino NV Prosecco Superiore DOCG Valdobbiadene

San Martino ROSE Extra Dry

San Martino NV Prosecco DOCG Rosé Extra Dry

San Martino DOCG Rose Brut

San Martino NV Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut

More about the Producer

  • Province of origin: Treviso, Veneto
  • Year established: 1969
  • Name of owners: Giovanni & Walter Cescon
  • Winemaker: Diego Zanella
  • Production: 1.800.000 Bottles
  • 150 ha Hectares Under Vine


Prosecco as a light aperitif is now a well established custom in WA [as it is around the world] and San Martino since being introduced here 3-4  years ago has a reasonable slice of this growing market.San Martino sits just outside Conegliano in the heart of Italy’s Prosecco country, some 60 km’s north of Venice. One of San Martino’s great strength is their vineyard holdings along the banks of the river Piave, around our winery at Visnà di Vazzola, and in the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, historical home to ProseccoThis family-run winery has been growing since the 1960s and is now in its third generation.

Founded by grandfather Luigi Cescon, the San Martino estate was then passed onto son Giovanni, and finally to his nephew Walter.

Profoundly believing in an honest day’s work, the unwavering pursuit of quality and a respect for new technology – but not at the expense of the quality of tradition – this family’s business has grown from strength to strength since being established.