Dave Mullen Wines

Established in 1992 by David Mullen, Dave Mullen Wines is one of Western Australia's leading premium wine distribution companies.

The objectives and direction of our business has not changed in 28 years - we simply aim to work long term with quality focused wine producers that make the best wine possible for each vintage. We make no apology for being stubbornly quality focused.


Our business is only as good as the wine producers we represent and we‘re proud to have long-term relationships with a select group of winemakers that we believe offer the best that their regions can produce. The fact that we’ve worked for over twenty years with Tim Adams, Bowen Estate, Trentham Estate and Charles Melton says plenty about our long-term commitment.


Artists vs.Industrialists

It’s no secret that we most definitely favour the ‘artists’ over the ‘industrialists’ in our industry, and firmly believe that the only way to establish a brand in the Western Australia wine market is based on quality, at all price points.

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Strong International Portfolio

As the wine market in Perth has evolved over the past 26 years, so has our business and we now have a strong international portfolio of Italian, French, Spanish, German and New Zealand wines.


Wine Logistics

We are one of the few wine distributors in this state that operate the logistics side of the business and fully understand the importance of offering the best distribution service in WA to our valued customers.

Wine Logistics