Piedmont, Italy
"All this with only one goal: to produce wines of indisputable quality."

Current Releases

Ghisolfi Barbara d'Alba

Ghisolfi 2021 Barbera d’Alba DOC

Ghisolfi Langhe Nebbiolo NV new label

Ghisolfi 2020 Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Ghisolfi Bussia Barolo

Ghisolfi 2019 Barolo Bussia DOCG

Ghisolfi Barolo Bricco Visette

Ghiisolfi 2019 Barolo 'Bricco Visette' DOCG

Ghisolfi Ciabat Minot Barolo Riserva

Ghisolfi 2012 Barolo Riserva ‘Ciabot Minat’ DOCG

More about the Producer

Winemaker: Gianmarco Ghisolfi
Year Established: 1988
Production: 3750 dozens
Vineyard: 9ha
Viticulture: Non-certified organic

For three generations the Ghisolfi family has been running this winery just outside of the southern most Barolo village Monforte d’Alba.

The vineyards, purchased in 1985, are in what is now known as ‘Cru Bussia’, a highly desirable sub-zone of Barolo.

Ghisolfi offers top end Piedmont wines that have retained their ‘affordability’, a refreshing change in a region where demand is constantly driving prices upwards.

Ghisolfi are recognised for their finesse and depth, with a reputation for flying under the radar. Perhaps they don’t always get the recognition they deserve outside of Italy.

And as the last of the classic 2010 vintage from Barolo disappears, we offer the Ghisolfi 2010 Barolo Riserva, a powerful yet elegant wine that has the structure to cellar for a further 20 years plus.