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Ischia Sapori Rucolino

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Ischia Sapori is located on the island of Ischia, just off the coast of Naples near Capri. Often called the “green island” for its lush, mountainous landscape and Green Tuff of Ischia (light green volcanic rock), the island is indeed what is left of an extinct volcano.

Ischia Sapori is the island’s one and only liqueur factory and home to the famous Rucolino, made from the large leaf wild grown rocket.  The recipe is, of course, a family secret, but we do know that in addition to rucola (rocket), citrus features in the mix, lightening the flavour.

The ingredients for their delicious libations are grown at the Villa Spadara estate in the sunny, well-ventilated area between Lacco Ameno and Forio d’Ischia. All production takes place here as well.