Piedmont, Italy
"Wine is not just a simply job to us. It’s a beautiful love story born at the beginning of last century between our grand-grandparents, Anin and Minot, than continued by Adriana, called Dadà and Giovanni, our grandparents"

Current Releases

Negretti Jump Bianco NV Bottle

2021 'Jump' Bianco DOC (Chardonnay)

Negretti Ella Rosato NV Bottle

2021 'Ella' Rosato

Negretti Flos Nebbiolo d'Alba NV Bottle

2022 'Flos' Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC


2021 Nebbiolo d'Alba 'Minot' DOC

Negretti Barolo DOCG

2019 Barolo DOCG


2019 Barolo 'Mirau' DOCG


2019 Barolo 'Rive' DOCG


2017 Barolo 'Bricco Ambrogio' DOCG

More about the Producer

We were born and raised in a priceless land full of gifts. Not understanding and evaluating its beauty and generosity would be an offence.
Moreover, we are the result of who spilled his blood before us, relying on his arms, prayers, unpredictable winds and water.
The vineyard is the Alpha and Omega of our journey. The beginning and the end.
It’s what we love and what we can’t imagine to live without. We were used to breath the dust of the soil warmed by the sun since we were kids, and it marked us. Wine is a powerful glue to connect people together, to open and animate new debates, to reveal secrets, look into the deep of everybody’s soul.
And it wisely accepts to get old.