Friuli, Italy
The Nonino family have devoted themselves to the art of distillation since 1897 and each generation has been actively improving and innovating to change the perception of this ancient Friulian distillate. Nonino is a family affair with daughters Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta following the traditions of their parents, Benito and Giannola, in elevating Grappa above mere grape distillate to something of an art form.

Current Releases


Nonino Grappa Vendemmia (700ml)


Nonino Grappa Il Moscato di Nonino (700ml)


Nonino Grappa Vendemmia Riserva di Annata (700ml)


Nonino Ribolla Gialla Cru Monovitigno (500ml)


Nonino Amaro

More about the Producer

Province of Udine
Established: 1897
Owner: Nonino family
Distillers: Benito and Cristina Nonino

In 1973, Benito & Giannola Nonino became the first distiller to create a single varietal grappa, using the indigenous Picolit grape, setting a trend which the rest of Italy’s distillers would follow. Nonino has tirelessly campaigned for the preservation of local varieties, establishing the ‘Risit d’Aur’ (Golden Rootstock) Award in 1975, awarded annually to Friulian growers who preserve and propagate native vines. In 1984 Nonino again set the standard with ÙE, distilling from whole grapes to preserve their unique aromas and flavours. In 1989 the family planted forty hectares of their own vineyards in Buttrio (in Friuli’s Colli Orientali) with Picolit, Ribolla Gialla, Fragolino, Schioppettino and Sauvignon for grappa and ÙE distillates. The most recent addition by Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta is Gioiello, a range of outstanding honey distillates.